What are The Different Types of Door Security System

What are The Different Types of Door Security System

Doors have different features of locks depending on clients’ needs and wants. If you are a business owner, security is your top concern. When it comes to your establishment’s security, you have to be skeptical. You may not know who can break into your property.

We have to be knowledgeable when it comes to security, including keys and locks. There are few methods of securing entry points to a place of business or home.

Card Readers

Card readers are the most recognized method for securing all door types. This system relies on cards that are issued only to designated people. It is flexible and only allows a specific individual to have different access in each room or department.

There are three ways that a card can be read. Through a bar code, magnetic strip, or RFID.

Barcodes need to be held near the card reader so that it can scan them. It can be the easiest of the three.

Magnetic strip, this method requires the cardholder to swipe the card through a card reader.

An RFID card does not have to be displayed to be read. This type of card is suitable for delivery drivers, which doesn’t require to be near the card reader to open a door.

Keypad Controls

Keypad control can use a single password or number for everyone. Thus, you can assign different codes to chosen individuals. This method has an advantage over a card reader. If your keys become stolen from you, they can’t access your property even if they have the card in their hands.

Phone Entry Systems

A phone entry system is like a CCTV system. It requires a live person to let anyone in. In this system, a voice system is being used and traced. This method is highly advanced in that you can assign code words to anyone using this system.

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