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Putting the needs of our customers first is something that we always strive to provide. We are one of the few locksmith companies within the region that treats you like you matter. We understand that when you are dealing with a lock and key issue of any type that it can be a major frustration. This means that you need to hire an emergency locksmith in Poughkeepsie that puts you first and always makes the security of your property the main priority.

Emergency Locksmith In Poughkeepsie


Emergency Locksmith Poughkeepsie NY – MYA Locksmith

When you find yourself in a lock and key bind that is time sensitive for whatever reason, you know that you can call on us and we will arrive in a timely manner to correct the issue each and every time without fail. This is the level of confidence that our services inspire.

15 Minutes Response Time

We are an emergency locksmith in Poughkeepsie that offers around the clock the clock services designed to meet all of your wide ranging lock and key needs.

. Call us now and our professional technicians will arrive to your location within 15 minutes.