Difference of Mechanical Locks to Electronic Locks

Difference of Mechanical Locks to Electronic Locks

There are various ways we can protect our assets. Everything is changing from time to time, and that includes our locks and keys.

Since our doors are our front line of defense, it is an inevitable fact that homeowners and business owners must emphasize the quality of their doors and locks.

There are a vast number of options you can take depending on your needs and standard. Today, we will learn about the difference between mechanical locks over electronic locks.

What is a mechanical lock?

Mechanical locks are standard door locks. They existed around a hundred years ago and provide simple lock solutions without using batteries or electronic devices to operate.

There are four types of mechanical locks around the market:

Mortise lock

It is the type of lock that is common to us. It provides advanced security to the property owners, this type of lock is quite tough to install.

Cylinder lock

Cylinder lock offers different cylinder formats for varying levels of security. However, when there is pressure, it can be vulnerable, and a lock can break.

Spring bolt

A spring bolt is a spring-loaded bolt with an angled edge.


A deadbolt is a type of lock that moves by turning a knob or key without a spring. In this method, you need a key to open.

What is an Electronic Lock?

Electronic door locks nullify the need for a traditional key. They can be controlled or monitored through a smartphone.

Coded entry

Coded entry is the most common type of electronic lock. A keypad is placed outside the door, and a code is needed to unlock it.

Smartphone-operated lock

These locks usually need an app. It includes a monitor, so you can receive alerts when a stranger tries to break into your home or office.


Biometric door locks operate through a fingerprint, so all you have to do is place your finger on the lock to access and enter.

Key fob/key card

Key fob or key card locks are electronic door locks that you need to touch the key fob/key card to the touchpad.

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