Common Home Security Mistakes

Common Home Security Mistakes

There are thousands of homes being broken into every day. Hence, homeowners tend to forget to secure their homes properly.

Listed below are the common security mistakes that homeowners neglect that can lead to unwanted loss and damage.

Signs of an unoccupied home

Going on a vacation for a while is great to refresh and unwind. However, you don’t have to announce it publicly or post it on social media platforms.

In this case, you are giving burglars the idea that your home is unoccupied, and they will surely take advantage of it. Homeowners should remember that social media is like talking to a megaphone that everyone can hear. You can post your vacation details after your vacation.

Leaving the second-floor unsecured

One of the most common home security errors is leaving the second-floor unsecured.

Many homeowners believe that second-floor windows are safe from burglars. Hence, this area in your home is the common target of burglars. They will try to access your windows or find a small way possible to enter your home.

Avoid putting a ladder near your house or keep it in the garage. Before leaving the house, double-check all the doors and windows that nothing was left open.

Hiding a spare key outside

Many homeowners practice hiding a spare key outside can help them in lockout situations. Many make this as a habit that leaving an extra key is a wise idea. Hence, break-in usually happens if crooks can find your spare key and enter your house without hassle.

Aside from doing this, you can have a keyless entry system that doesn’t require you to carry your bunch of keys.

Exposing expensive items 

Exposing your expensive items that are visible to passers-by or burglars can cause a break-in in your home. By doing so, you are enticing crooks to rob your home, damage your place, and lose your valuables. Keeping your expensive stuff like jewelry and money in safe areas of your home can prevent such occurrences.

When we are talking about home, we are talking of life and valuables. Hence, if you want to keep your home protected at all times, it is best to hire professional people who can help you assess your situation and provide you immediate solutions.

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