When Should I Change My Door Locks?

When Should I Change My Door Locks?

Better locks mean better security. Whether you are a homeowner or business owner, we always prioritize security to keep our family and investment safe from the hands of criminals.

Regular security check-ups are good to ensure our protection. Hence, our door locks need to change if we experience such situations listed below.

After a theft or break-in

Break-in and robbery in your home is a stressful event in our lives. Losing our valuables and thinking of starting over again is a drastic feeling. Hence, when this happens, and we begin to take every piece back again, we don’t want criminals to do the same thing in our homes.

After a break-in, you have to change your door locks immediately. You do not want another tragedy to repeat. Contact your trusted locksmith so they can assist you.

Change in staffing

If you are a business owner and terminated a disgruntled employee, you also need to change your locks. As they leave your company, you have to make sure that there’s no way left they can access your property. It will protect your business from any threats or physical attacks.

When someone moves out

When a roommate moves out of your property, it is best to change your door locks even if you are on good terms. Hence, it will protect you from any future threat if he lost his key or might have been stolen by anyone. By doing so, you are confident to sleep at peace, knowing you are secured.

When your keys have been stolen or lost

If you think that your keys are lost due to someone stealing them, you have to replace your door locks by then. Replacing your locks can ensure that no one can still access your home, even if someone has your old key.

You can hire a local locksmith to help you replace your locks and keys.

When your locks are damaged 

A faulty lock is a loophole that robbers can take advantage of to your property.

Locks also wear out or become damaged through the use of physical force. If you find that your locks are faulty, it is best to replace them ahead rather than lose your valuables and peace at home.

At Erez Locksmith, we are knowledgeable people who can evaluate and perform necessary solutions whenever you experience such an event. Call our number, and we will do our best for you.