What Are Double Cylinder Locks?

Your front door tells a lot about your home and business. It can make your entire house or business establishment more attractive, sophisticated, or neutral. However, you should never compromise your door design with safety and security.

There are vast choices in the world when we talk about security systems such as door locks and keys. But how do we know the quality locks and what suits our property?

When it comes to door locks, you can have single cylinder locks or double cylinder locks.

What are single-cylinder locks?

This type of lock allows you to lock and unlock by utilizing a single key on the exterior side of the door. However, it does not require a key for opening and closing the interior side.

A device can be open and closed by turning or pushing the thumb lock on the inside knob.

What is a double cylinder lock?

Double cylinder locks can be keyed on both sides. It functions with a key both on the exterior and interior of a door. Homeowners need to use a key to engage or retract the lock bolt from the inside.

Advantages of a double cylinder lock

Enhanced security

The top advantage of installing double-cylinder locks enhances your security. Doors with adjacent windows or glass panels can be vulnerable, which allows intruders to reach the inside and unlock the door manually.

Provides an extra layer of protection

Double-cylinder locks give an extra layer of protection for home and business security. It comes without a button lock mechanism that intruders cannot unlock the door simply and manually.

Having a double-cylinder lock is vital. You will need an extra key to be kept handy in case people need to exit the building for an emergency. With this type of lock, you can reduce break-ins by 50%.

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