Do Locksmiths Replace Car Keys?

Do Locksmiths Replace Car Keys?

Without cars, it will be difficult for us to have convenience and comfortable traveling to different points every day. That is why it would be hard for us if trouble arises within our cars.

One of the well-known car problems is losing or breaking a key, the worst is if you found out that somebody stole it. In case this stressful circumstance happens to you, don’t panic. Stay calm because there are people out there willing to help you 24/7.

Locksmiths are prominent and professional people who can help you deal with different automobile problems. Hence, we are knowledgeable and skilled to do the job and make quality and long-lasting keys.

Here are the three things a locksmith can do with your vehicle if you lost or somebody has stolen your car keys.

A locksmith can unlock a car.

Whether you believe it or not, a locksmith is knowledgeable in unlocking any car. No matter what brand, size, or model your vehicle is, we got it all covered.

The most common strategy we use in opening cars is “slim jim.” We use a thin piece of metal, sliding between window weather stripping on a car door to open the lock. In case you are using a modern car with keyless and remote entry, our locksmiths can reprogram your codes so that you can open your vehicle again.

Locksmith removes car broken keys.

Car keys naturally wear over time. Hence, this occurrence is not new to us. It can happen to many of us at any time of the day. Removing a broken car key is not an easy job. Thus, auto locksmiths use key extraction kits and tools to remove the broken key in no time. Remember that whenever you encounter this, do not try to fix it yourself to prevent additional damage.

We can duplicate and replace any car keys.

There are various types of keys. Thus, car owners have different choices when it comes to car keys. Traditional keys are used for older car models and remote keys for a modern car brand. A skilled locksmith can handle both of these key types and duplicate them in just a matter of minutes.

Erez Locksmith cares for your comfort and convenience. We will help you get back on your daily schedule by fixing your car key problem. Whenever you need a trusted company to make your keys, call us.