Can Someone Steal My Car Without The Key Fob?

In response to the question, it is true that keyless vehicles are substantially easier to steal. In light of this, the answer depends not only on the facts but also on the model under discussion. Certain models include keyless entry, which allows the doors to unlock when the key is nearby, but a traditional key must still be physically placed into the ignition in order to start the vehicle.

The relay system is most likely to be utilized to steal automobiles with keyless entry and keyless start capabilities. Due to the fact that relay theft is no longer unheard of, automakers have been devoting a great deal of work to developing protection against it. As a direct result, some of the most advanced models are pre-equipped with safety systems that have been specifically designed to combat the theft of keyless vehicles. Even with the currently available electronic starting systems, there will always be technologies capable of outsmarting the systems. Keep in mind that automakers are required to provide dealership service departments with equipment that can start a vehicle if the owner or driver has lost the key fob. This extremely unique technology was initially made available only to dealers. However, at some point in the future, it will need to be made available to non-dealer repair facilities.

The equipment is rapidly circulated to the general population and eventually falls into the hands of car thieves. The transceiver contained within a keyless fob is capable of both transmitting and receiving encoded radio signals. When the key is no longer within range, the automobile will send these unique encrypted signals to the key, which will automatically lock the doors. When the key is within range, the vehicle will send comparable signals to the key to unlock the doors.

When car thieves target a specific vehicle, they are able to gain access to the vehicle without the key by utilizing keyless entry. This permits them to steal the vehicle without fear of getting apprehended. Everything else you can do to make the car more difficult to steal will serve as a deterrent. Additionally, it may be advantageous to store the vehicle in a garage, place a locking post on the driveway, and install other safety elements, such as steering wheel locks, within the vehicle. If you don’t already have one, you should strongly consider placing a tracking device in your car.

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