Can I Still Remove A Broken Key In My Ignition?

Many things can happen when we are driving a vehicle. Breaking your key off in the ignition is one unwanted event we try to avoid. It is such a frustrating experience especially when we still have a long day to run.

For whatever reason, this occurrence is considered an emergency. You may require the assistance of a key removal expert to do the job for you.

This article will provide you an idea of what possible things you can do when you break your key in the ignition.

Things you can do

Use removal tools

Sometimes you can use the DIY method. It can somehow help you remove your stuck key from the ignition. You can use a pair of pliers to try if it may work. Another option is to acquire a set of removal tools. Hence, removal tools must be flat and narrow with small hooks at the end.

To remove the stuck key, you can take one of the tools and slide it along the key. If you have to use two tools to get it out, be sure to apply claw-like pressure to get the key out.

If you are having a hard time pulling it out, you can try a lubricant. Spray a certain amount of lubricant powder or liquid on the lock to get the key out.

Check key stamps

Removing a stuck key in your ignition is not an easy task. Hence, you can try other effective methods to remove them. First, you need to check how much of the broken key is left out of the lock.

If you think that a pair of pliers can help, you can try it out. One of the vital things to bear in mind is not to twist the key with pliers, for it can cause additional damage to your ignition.

Call a locksmith

If you think you can’t handle it anymore, it is best to call the attention of professionals. Hiring a locksmith company is the easiest thing you can do when you are in a hurry, and if you don’t want to damage the car by doing the DIY method.

When this happens to you, and you are in the middle of nowhere, it’s time to call our company. Erez Locksmith is open and dedicated to serving you 24/7. We can remove your stuck key in an instant.