Can A Locksmith Still Duplicate My Car Key If It Is Bent?

Ever wonder why so many key fobs become bent? When it occurs, it doesn’t seem like something too serious. All we do is insert them into a hole and turn them; it’s not like we’re lifting anything too heavy. However, when you’re in a hurry and running late, that’s when you’re most likely to bend a key. Is it possible for a locksmith to make a duplicate automobile key from a bent original? In a word, yes! Most of the time, a professional locksmith can make a copy of a bent car key without too much trouble. Nonetheless, a number of factors are crucial to keep in mind:

  • How bent is the key
    Your locksmith can tell by looking how deep to cut. Most locksmiths have template keys. They simply need to adjust the cuts, starting shallow and increasing deeper until they acquire the appropriate form. If your locksmith can’t duplicate your bent key, you must go to the dealership. This is uncommon. Your local locksmith can usually reproduce a bent key. If you need a new car key, your local dealership can read the VIN code.
  • The brand and type of car
    Several car brands, models, and types have different lever positions. A locksmith needs this information to program the key-cutting equipment. They start with small cuts and gradually get closer to the original. A slightly bent key will be read by the machine. If not, they can decode and copy your key in minutes.
  • Key type
    Locksmiths can obtain most key blanks. Some brands are restricted, but the average model should be acceptable. Luxury cars have patent keyways. Licensed vendors usually sell these keys. Locksmiths won’t have these blanks. Duplicating a key is easy unless you have a key code card. Otherwise, your locksmith won’t be able to make a copy. Patent keys need paperwork. Your locksmith knows that unauthorized duplication of patented keyways can get you in trouble, so they’ll refer you to your dealer. A locksmith can copy your car key, but they won’t break the law. They have a good name.
  • Lock maker
    Locksmiths know all about car-key types. Key complexity is determined by manufacturers. Depending on who made your car key, the process will be simple or complicated.
  • Is your key chipped
    If your bent key’s transponder chip was damaged, getting a duplicate will be difficult. Some locksmiths can fix bent keys with broken transponder chips, but not all. It’s tricky. Your locksmith can duplicate your key despite a broken transponder chip. The copy won’t have the chip’s security, but it will work. The locksmith is essential when it comes to duplicating a bent car key. A good locksmith can easily copy a broken or bent car key.


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