New Locksmith Technologies
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It is an undeniable fact that we live in a world full of daily advancements. Our lives will be uncomfortable without the intervention of modernization. Hence, locksmith companies are also adaptive to these and apply such technology to add adherence to have a quality-based output.

These high-tech devices are a big help in giving outstanding results when it comes to locksmithing. Here are some of the advancements made by locksmith companies through the support of new technology.

Card access entry system

Card access entry system is used by businesses such as hotels, restaurants, and other commercial buildings. This system can be easily rekeyed and can manage a home, commercial building, office, and other spaces.

This intervention helps the locksmith industry expand and improve its services and expertise.

Smart lock technology

Smart lock technology is affecting the locksmith industry in multiple ways. Thus, this invention is the best feature in securing modern locking mechanisms, like electrical locks, using applications that send a coded signal.

A wireless coded signal is the new physical key. It gives convenience and comfort to automobiles, resort doors, lockers, home entry doors, gates, and secure people and property.

This system provides big help to every home, business, and car owner.

Locksmithing and keyless entry 

Modern technology continues to give life and comfort to every individual. Hence, many adapt to this change and patronize its benefits.

One of the best that modernization has brought us is the keyless entry devices. It takes over the place of a traditional key. It has a hidden touch-activated keypad. This system is widely used in cars that within a few yards by only pressing a button on the remote, you can lock or unlock the doors and do other functions.

If you need a committed and expert locksmith to provide you with such technology, our company is best for you.

Erez locksmith is a prominent company built over the years that is qualified to do any locksmithing job. We have modern tools that can surely meet your standards and needs. With us, we assure you that you get the best on what you pay.

Whenever you plan to acquire one of the systems mentioned above, don’t hesitate to contact our hotline. We are open beyond business hours, even on holidays, to provide you with 24/7 services.

What are The Different Types of Door Security System
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Doors have different features of locks depending on clients’ needs and wants. If you are a business owner, security is your top concern. When it comes to your establishment’s security, you have to be skeptical. You may not know who can break into your property.

We have to be knowledgeable when it comes to security, including keys and locks. There are few methods of securing entry points to a place of business or home.

Card Readers

Card readers are the most recognized method for securing all door types. This system relies on cards that are issued only to designated people. It is flexible and only allows a specific individual to have different access in each room or department.

There are three ways that a card can be read. Through a bar code, magnetic strip, or RFID.

Barcodes need to be held near the card reader so that it can scan them. It can be the easiest of the three.

Magnetic strip, this method requires the cardholder to swipe the card through a card reader.

An RFID card does not have to be displayed to be read. This type of card is suitable for delivery drivers, which doesn’t require to be near the card reader to open a door.

Keypad Controls

Keypad control can use a single password or number for everyone. Thus, you can assign different codes to chosen individuals. This method has an advantage over a card reader. If your keys become stolen from you, they can’t access your property even if they have the card in their hands.

Phone Entry Systems

A phone entry system is like a CCTV system. It requires a live person to let anyone in. In this system, a voice system is being used and traced. This method is highly advanced in that you can assign code words to anyone using this system.

If you are interested in acquiring one for your home or business establishment, contact our company hotline.

Erez Locksmith is known to be affordable and quality-tested in providing security in any home and business size. We have licensed and qualified locksmiths who can do the job with care and precision. We look forward to hearing from you.

When Should I Change My Door Locks?
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Better locks mean better security. Whether you are a homeowner or business owner, we always prioritize security to keep our family and investment safe from the hands of criminals.

Regular security check-ups are good to ensure our protection. Hence, our door locks need to change if we experience such situations listed below.

After a theft or break-in

Break-in and robbery in your home is a stressful event in our lives. Losing our valuables and thinking of starting over again is a drastic feeling. Hence, when this happens, and we begin to take every piece back again, we don’t want criminals to do the same thing in our homes.

After a break-in, you have to change your door locks immediately. You do not want another tragedy to repeat. Contact your trusted locksmith so they can assist you.

Change in staffing

If you are a business owner and terminated a disgruntled employee, you also need to change your locks. As they leave your company, you have to make sure that there’s no way left they can access your property. It will protect your business from any threats or physical attacks.

When someone moves out

When a roommate moves out of your property, it is best to change your door locks even if you are on good terms. Hence, it will protect you from any future threat if he lost his key or might have been stolen by anyone. By doing so, you are confident to sleep at peace, knowing you are secured.

When your keys have been stolen or lost

If you think that your keys are lost due to someone stealing them, you have to replace your door locks by then. Replacing your locks can ensure that no one can still access your home, even if someone has your old key.

You can hire a local locksmith to help you replace your locks and keys.

When your locks are damaged 

A faulty lock is a loophole that robbers can take advantage of to your property.

Locks also wear out or become damaged through the use of physical force. If you find that your locks are faulty, it is best to replace them ahead rather than lose your valuables and peace at home.

At Erez Locksmith, we are knowledgeable people who can evaluate and perform necessary solutions whenever you experience such an event. Call our number, and we will do our best for you.

Difference of Mechanical Locks to Electronic Locks
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There are various ways we can protect our assets. Everything is changing from time to time, and that includes our locks and keys.

Since our doors are our front line of defense, it is an inevitable fact that homeowners and business owners must emphasize the quality of their doors and locks.

There are a vast number of options you can take depending on your needs and standard. Today, we will learn about the difference between mechanical locks over electronic locks.

What is a mechanical lock?

Mechanical locks are standard door locks. They existed around a hundred years ago and provide simple lock solutions without using batteries or electronic devices to operate.

There are four types of mechanical locks around the market:

Mortise lock

It is the type of lock that is common to us. It provides advanced security to the property owners, this type of lock is quite tough to install.

Cylinder lock

Cylinder lock offers different cylinder formats for varying levels of security. However, when there is pressure, it can be vulnerable, and a lock can break.

Spring bolt

A spring bolt is a spring-loaded bolt with an angled edge.


A deadbolt is a type of lock that moves by turning a knob or key without a spring. In this method, you need a key to open.

What is an Electronic Lock?

Electronic door locks nullify the need for a traditional key. They can be controlled or monitored through a smartphone.

Coded entry

Coded entry is the most common type of electronic lock. A keypad is placed outside the door, and a code is needed to unlock it.

Smartphone-operated lock

These locks usually need an app. It includes a monitor, so you can receive alerts when a stranger tries to break into your home or office.


Biometric door locks operate through a fingerprint, so all you have to do is place your finger on the lock to access and enter.

Key fob/key card

Key fob or key card locks are electronic door locks that you need to touch the key fob/key card to the touchpad.

Erez Locksmith has all these types of locks of your choice. We can help you find suitable and affordable locks that will meet your standard. When it comes to locks and security, we are your best pick around the town. For a free estimate, you can contact us.

Difference Between Rekeying and Lock Replacement
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If you are moving into a new place, many would recommend changing your lock and keys, for you will never know who might enter your front door. Whether you are renting a space for your business or you are renting a new home, you have to ensure proper security that no one has left access to your property.

Many believe that replacing and changing the locks is the only option when it comes to strengthening their security. Hence, there is still a cheaper and quicker option than replacement.

Before you make a firm decision, it is best to have a complete understanding of certain things.

In this article, we will help you know the difference between rekeying and locks replacement. When should it apply to our situation?

What is Rekeying?

When you rekey your locks, you are modifying the lock mechanism so that the old key cannot access it. Your physical lock remains the same while new keys are necessary. Hence, rekeying is known to be a quick and cheaper option.

When to rekey?

In situations like you have lost an extra old key. And it gives a big worry that someone might find and access your home, you can rekey your locks so the old key can’t work anymore.

If you are still unsure about rekeying, a locksmith can help you determine your case.

What is lock replacement?

Lock replacement is a more sophisticated task to do. It involves replacing both your locks and keys. It is a little more expensive than rekeying. Hence, it is best when you want to tighten or upgrade your security.

When does lock replacement become necessary?

If you move into a new home, changing the lock of your door becomes a priority. You will never know how many previous residents, plus their family and friends, have a spare key.

If your keys are lost or stolen, you are never sure who got them. If this happens, we recommend changing your door lock immediately.

At Erez Locksmith, we help our customers understand and determine which solution suits them and their situation. We never let anyone get stuck in a drastic moment. We are prompt and quick in responding no matter how easy or challenging the work is.

Hiring us is your best pick. You can rely on us 24/7, state your concern, and we will be on your doorstep.

Factors To Consider in Choosing Commercial Surveillance Cameras
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Security is imperative for any business. Acquiring a high-technology camera for your business premises is effective. Thus, it protects your business information, sales, and product.

Commercial surveillance cameras do not only help in deterring criminals. It is also a big help to law enforcers in catching the criminals and it serves as solid evidence during court hearings.

Listed below are some things to consider when choosing a surveillance camera that you might need in your business.

IP vs. analog camera

There are various types of surveillance cameras that you can choose for your business. You can have an Internet Protocol (IP) camera or analog camera which is the traditional camera. IP cameras are advanced in features compared to analog. IP cameras can capture images in a higher resolution and also enable automatic alerts and video analytics.

The business premise that needs protection

You also need to identify areas in your business that need protection. You can have it outdoors, hallways, and installed in other high-risk areas in your business that you should consider.

Hidden vs. obvious cameras

Installing both hidden and obvious cameras is a personal preference. Hidden commercial surveillance systems can help you determine employees stealing your business information, while obvious cameras can deter approaching burglars or robbers.

Pricing and installation cost

Identifying the project cost and installation pricing is a good step before you begin with the project. Hence, you have a world of choices of an affordable company that can help you get pocket-friendly security surveillance.

Additional features

There is a world of features available in video surveillance systems, from night vision to smart motion detection. It is best to evaluate your business security needs and select your surveillance device accordingly.

At Erez Locksmith, we opt to give pocket-friendly security measures including, camera surveillance which helps you and your business stay protected and free from any physical attack. We have full features and designs suitable for your needs and standards.

We guarantee our customers that you will have a hundred percent satisfaction at the end of the project. Hire us, and we will give you free quotations and estimates for your reference.

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Your front door tells a lot about your home and business. It can make your entire house or business establishment more attractive, sophisticated, or neutral. However, you should never compromise your door design with safety and security.

There are vast choices in the world when we talk about security systems such as door locks and keys. But how do we know the quality locks and what suits our property?

When it comes to door locks, you can have single cylinder locks or double cylinder locks.

What are single-cylinder locks?

This type of lock allows you to lock and unlock by utilizing a single key on the exterior side of the door. However, it does not require a key for opening and closing the interior side.

A device can be open and closed by turning or pushing the thumb lock on the inside knob.

What is a double cylinder lock?

Double cylinder locks can be keyed on both sides. It functions with a key both on the exterior and interior of a door. Homeowners need to use a key to engage or retract the lock bolt from the inside.

Advantages of a double cylinder lock

Enhanced security

The top advantage of installing double-cylinder locks enhances your security. Doors with adjacent windows or glass panels can be vulnerable, which allows intruders to reach the inside and unlock the door manually.

Provides an extra layer of protection

Double-cylinder locks give an extra layer of protection for home and business security. It comes without a button lock mechanism that intruders cannot unlock the door simply and manually.

Having a double-cylinder lock is vital. You will need an extra key to be kept handy in case people need to exit the building for an emergency. With this type of lock, you can reduce break-ins by 50%.

If you are searching for a company that can help you secure your home, business, and other properties, Erez Locksmith can be your choice. Our company is a premier locksmith firm that installs, repairs, and replaces faulty door locks in any home or industry.

We specialize in advanced keyless, electronic access control systems, and many more. We are affordable and honest to our clients. Hence, we provide free estimates and quotations to our clients. We have been the go-to locksmith for residents and business owners. Hire us and experience to be with the best.

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Many things can happen when we are driving a vehicle. Breaking your key off in the ignition is one unwanted event we try to avoid. It is such a frustrating experience especially when we still have a long day to run.

For whatever reason, this occurrence is considered an emergency. You may require the assistance of a key removal expert to do the job for you.

This article will provide you an idea of what possible things you can do when you break your key in the ignition.

Things you can do

Use removal tools

Sometimes you can use the DIY method. It can somehow help you remove your stuck key from the ignition. You can use a pair of pliers to try if it may work. Another option is to acquire a set of removal tools. Hence, removal tools must be flat and narrow with small hooks at the end.

To remove the stuck key, you can take one of the tools and slide it along the key. If you have to use two tools to get it out, be sure to apply claw-like pressure to get the key out.

If you are having a hard time pulling it out, you can try a lubricant. Spray a certain amount of lubricant powder or liquid on the lock to get the key out.

Check key stamps

Removing a stuck key in your ignition is not an easy task. Hence, you can try other effective methods to remove them. First, you need to check how much of the broken key is left out of the lock.

If you think that a pair of pliers can help, you can try it out. One of the vital things to bear in mind is not to twist the key with pliers, for it can cause additional damage to your ignition.

Call a locksmith

If you think you can’t handle it anymore, it is best to call the attention of professionals. Hiring a locksmith company is the easiest thing you can do when you are in a hurry, and if you don’t want to damage the car by doing the DIY method.

When this happens to you, and you are in the middle of nowhere, it’s time to call our company. Erez Locksmith is open and dedicated to serving you 24/7. We can remove your stuck key in an instant.

Common Home Security Mistakes
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There are thousands of homes being broken into every day. Hence, homeowners tend to forget to secure their homes properly.

Listed below are the common security mistakes that homeowners neglect that can lead to unwanted loss and damage.

Signs of an unoccupied home

Going on a vacation for a while is great to refresh and unwind. However, you don’t have to announce it publicly or post it on social media platforms.

In this case, you are giving burglars the idea that your home is unoccupied, and they will surely take advantage of it. Homeowners should remember that social media is like talking to a megaphone that everyone can hear. You can post your vacation details after your vacation.

Leaving the second-floor unsecured

One of the most common home security errors is leaving the second-floor unsecured.

Many homeowners believe that second-floor windows are safe from burglars. Hence, this area in your home is the common target of burglars. They will try to access your windows or find a small way possible to enter your home.

Avoid putting a ladder near your house or keep it in the garage. Before leaving the house, double-check all the doors and windows that nothing was left open.

Hiding a spare key outside

Many homeowners practice hiding a spare key outside can help them in lockout situations. Many make this as a habit that leaving an extra key is a wise idea. Hence, break-in usually happens if crooks can find your spare key and enter your house without hassle.

Aside from doing this, you can have a keyless entry system that doesn’t require you to carry your bunch of keys.

Exposing expensive items 

Exposing your expensive items that are visible to passers-by or burglars can cause a break-in in your home. By doing so, you are enticing crooks to rob your home, damage your place, and lose your valuables. Keeping your expensive stuff like jewelry and money in safe areas of your home can prevent such occurrences.

When we are talking about home, we are talking of life and valuables. Hence, if you want to keep your home protected at all times, it is best to hire professional people who can help you assess your situation and provide you immediate solutions.

Erez Locksmith is a prominent locksmith company that is committed and dedicated to helping you 24/7. Connect with us, and we will do our best to assist you.

Tips on How To Avoid Car Lockout
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A car lockout is a real problem. It is a common and drastic experience for every car owner.

Have you ever found yourself standing outside your vehicle in the middle of nowhere? If you have experienced and survived it once, you must be brave to surpass such a stressful experience.

Once you are in a car lockout, it is best to have someone you can call and rely on 24/7. This situation is not funny. You will lose big and bright opportunities and will eat much of your time.

Noted below are four helpful tips you can take when driving a vehicle. Thus, a car lockout is an unforeseen circumstance. It is best to have advanced knowledge on how to handle it properly.

Make sure that your locking system is damaged-free

A faulty locking system can cause a car lockout. Make sure that your car key remote batteries are regularly checked and replaced. Simple negligence on simple things can cause big trouble in the future. Before driving or leaving your car, make sure everything works and is secured.

Drive with a spare key available 

Keeping a handy spare key at all times will save your life from a car lockout. You always have someone to call whenever you are stuck in this kind of situation. You can leave it in your office, at home, or with a close friend or relative.

Never leave your keys inside the car

One habit you can take to avoid a car lockout is not to leave your keys in the trunk. If you are moving out something in your car, always leave your keys in your pocket or hand. Always remember to pick them up once you are done and set to go.

Connect with a legal locksmith

Calling the help of a professional locksmith is your best option left if worst comes to worst. If it’s dark and cold and you are still stranded somewhere else, hiring a locksmith is highly recommended. Locksmiths are experts and quick to bring back your access in no time.

Whenever you are going through a car lockout, Erez Locksmith is your great ally who can help you get back in a matter of minutes. We can take appropriate tools to open your car without damaging it. We are affordable, quick, and reliable, ready to serve you at your location.