All About Keys and Locks (Interesting Facts)

All About Keys and Locks (Interesting Facts)

Keys and locks have a fascinating story too. Though some locks and keys look simple, there are also sophisticated features used by big homes and industries. Hence, it plays a vital role in our lives. They protect us from any threat like burglary.

Did you know about the surprising stories behind locks and keys? In this article, we will share with you some unbelievable stories about locks and keys.

The oldest known lock was first to exist 4000 years ago. It was seen near Nineveh in Ancient Egypt and discovered in a cave. Many believe that it was 4000 years old today.

The largest padlock was first discovered at Pavlovo Arts College in Russia. It holds the title in the Guinness World of Record for having the biggest padlock ever invented.

Egyptians created the first pin locks.

The first pin lock comes from wood. Thus, PIN codes were used by Egyptians nearly 3000 years ago. The key to these old locks was huge and purely human. Historically, a man itself is needed to unlock a lock.

Certain people make keys and locks as a collection. They enjoy collecting prison locks, military keys, and puzzle locks.

Did you know that birds can pick locks? There was a reported incident in 2014 where a parrot named Magic reaps two padlocks on his cage to escape.

One of the fascinating stories of keys is the story of The Tower of London in England. It holds the ceremony of a key as guards join in the ritual of locking the tower doors.

A Russian locksmith claims to make the smallest lock and key sets, and one has yet to argue the claim. Pavel Kulikov, a central Russian native, creates a tiny bolt invisible to see using a naked eye. Though the detail is small physically, it still functions as a regular lock which is to protect.

There are more untold and unknown stories about locks and keys that we don’t know yet. Hence, we are thankful that they exist and help us in protecting our valuables every day.

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